what kind of women is worth you share whole life with?


We met in her hometown of San Antonio, TX where we now live. She responded to my online profile to say that “she didn’t think that I would find someone online” that didn’t want children.⠀

We chatted back and forth with messages, then when we agreed to go to dinner we found out that we only lived 1/2 mile from each other! We dated casually and it wasn’t until months later that it blossomed.

We had both grown up in similar situations; both 15 miles due West of the city center (although for me it was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). We shared an appreciation for Art and were both in college.⠀

Story by Justin Irek⠀

There are different types of women in the world, just as there are different types of people. Types, of course, being a generalized version of an individual — no one ever fits their parameters entirely.

There is only one type of woman in this world who is worth chasing & sharing whole life with and that’s a woman who makes you believe you’re capable of making your own dreams come true.

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