Tough-girl gets perfect interracial relationship

A beautiful tough-girl namedA story of tough-girl Amy will get married, but the future husband is not Evan. Who is Evan? Let’s read the following.


Evan was said: “The love, not necessarily must have”. But I know, Amy wants a lifetime commitment, and just Evan gives not her future.

The first time Evan saw Amy is because of the job. That time, Evan was in charge of an order’s technical supports. And Amy was the production manager. Watching him dare to that order with other colleagues of production, Amy felt the man is charming.

meetWith more and more dealings in work, they took to each other. She find out the young technician is not only handsome, but also very responsible in work.

Amy has a good and warm heart, she like bring food for other people. Perhaps, claimed some psychologists, people may feel lonely whey they are away from home. Some time later, Amy’s warm gradually melted Evan’s heart. He thought, maybe they were fit together. At a party, with great courage and determination, he confessed his love for her. But, to our surprise, Amy refused him directly.

After rejection, Evan start putting more effort in him work. Amy said: “ his sudden confession to me, I was surprised. But I dislike him at that time. Human is such a strange animal that when we mostly did not cherish something until we lost it. ” Amy enjoy Evan’s singing, his low voice sounds a little vicissitudes.

First love

Two months later, Amy proposed to get together with Evan. Amy stared to do everything in her power like cleaning, washing, cooking for Evan. When I asked him why she had done that, she said, “I was just hoping he have a nice time ever day. ”
firt love of tough-girl

For the first fall in love month, they feels good, every thing is so sweet. But over time, Evan found Amy was different from other woman. Amy will do every thing sometimes even fix toilet. He advised her to be a girly girl, but she couldn’t. There is not have a man in the world, hope to be protected by himself girl friend. They started quarreling, The hatred between them became heavier and deeper. One day, when the boy and the girl eat meal, he proposed bids good-bye request, and the girl also silently accepted.

Say good-byesay good-bye

Soon after, Evan have a new girl friend, that she is a tender women, have long hair. Evan love her, because of her tender, he think she is his sort of woman.

However, after Evan had a car accident, the girl just came to the forest bed and said “sorry” to him and then left. While he was in the hospital, Amy almost every day was to see him, bring him something to eat. The day he’s discharged, Amy asked Evan: “I only want to ask whether we also have the possibility” Evan sighed and said: “I am sorry”.

He regretted, but he know if he get together with her for the guilt, it is will be the best mistakes. She treated he like kin, he’d prefer she is him sister if he could.

Tough-girl gets perfect interracial relationship

News of the wedding dresses comes months after. Tough-girl is easily been dumped! Who said that? You’re wrong, admit it.

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Evan have not attended the wedding. Amy’s cousin sent a video of the wedding to him, he look at Amy wear fluffy white dress. she is as beautiful as a landscape painting…tough girl gets interracial-relationship

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