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My sister will get married with her boyfriend. I remember when I was little, I was still crying when her left for college. At that time, sister asked me “what do you do if I get married?”  I said I will cry for three days and three nights. childhoodI don’t cry now,  I should be happy for her, because I know I can’t take care of  her,  so I can only asked my brother-in-law to take care of her.

The beginning of romance

Four years ago, she met him on a interracial dating sites, had much to talk about.  And then exchanged them ways of contact.  One years ago, they met face to face. Brother-in-law is a quiet and reflective, and he  knows most about look after others,  he remind her eat and sleep every day.

He want to meet her face to face, but my sister was not allowed. Because my sister didn’t believe the online dating, so they has three years did not meet face to face although in the same city.  Three years time, more than one thousand days and nights, Their contact has never been broken.

Thank the 2014 Spring Festival railway transport for its peak-hour traffic,  she was ready to go home but couldn’t get ticket. After he know, He incident immediately use all ways on the internet and help my sister get a ticket help my sister return home successfully. She want to return the money to him , but he didn’t allow, otherwise “return the money to me face to face” he told her on the phone.

The truly first meet

One day, my sister was shopping and my brother-in-law was singing in a KTV with his colleagues. The time near 9pm, he called her up and know the place of her shopping was at a nearby market, so he ran out from the KTV to find her.

Finally, he saw her at a crossroads who wearing a long  beige coat. She bow to say hello to him, charming hair exudes  a fragrant that let him delude one to folly. This is the Really first meet each other.

The instant, he saw her and he fell in love, but my sister is a late-bloomer.  Two people just have dozen hello for the first meet that disappointed him. so he often thought about how to meet more since have the first face to face. Then he began to make a invitation constantly,  because of the events of train ticket, so her agreed.  My sister is a conservative, all his friends advised him to shake her hands, but he couldn’t. It was because of it made my sister feel the man is not a tease.

When they meet, he always buy so many food for her, because he knew that my sister was losing weight, so she didn’t pay attention to her own body health.  my sister was deeply moved, but she still didn’t  accept the pursuing of love, she always feel them can become friend already was a good thing.

Start dating

The first time they shake hands is in front of me. That day, my sister and I went to meet him. Perhaps, the relative’s identity let my sister sure down. Impression, brother-in-law is very stable, has a very magnetic voice, little stomach Nan. He is not handsome type, but he is one type of can let my sister happy, It is the best important thing.

After the meal, we walked to home instead of by bus that day. They held hands all the way home looks like happy is everywhere. My sister’s feet were sore during the walk, he bowed and took her on his back, I saw happiness footprints. On that day,  he success chased after her. What about me, as you know that I proved that the greatest love.

In that year, my  brother-in-law and sister went to their hometown.  And saw his parents who are m very charitable and they all like my sister very much. My brother-in-law can cook many delicious dishes that let my sister feel happy.

The lovers  will get married

This year, they will make promise to each other for a lifetime. The lovers will get married, I wish you happiness forever.

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