True Interracial Love Story – He Doesn’t See My Color, He Just Sees Me


Last night, my husband Jack came to accompany me after work. I told him just to eat at home and enjoy his evening. But he said he wanted to buy some food and bring it to the office to eat with me. Then, I told him to buy his favorite. Guess what my fiance said? He said he had no particular favorite things but something I like.

My friends asked me “How can I find my Prince Charming?” I answered: It’s partially because of my good luck; partially from InterracialDatingToday’s help!

I met him on InterracialDatingToday – the best interracial dating club

Actually, how we met wasn’t romantic at all. I am a black girl and I am so proud of my skin. I love dancing, painting and mountain climbing. I always ranked the first in my class, and got a scholarship in each semester.

Such a good girl, however, I always encountered set backs on the way finding my partner. I don’t know why those people only wanted to date me but didn’t want anything serious. I was ready to give up. After several bad experiences, I was totally disappointed with the world. Even I’m prepared for being single forever.

Fortunately, my friend told me there was an website named InterracialDatingToday, I thought maybe it could help me. To be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope.

Interracial Dating Today

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I was so excited because it spoke out what was deep in my heart. I registered my information and began my adventure. Surprise! Everyone here didn’t care about your skin. They just cared about my hobbies and character, whether we had a common language or not.

I felt unprecedented freedom on Interracial Dating Today. I saw people share their everyday moments with different cultural backgrounds. Saw what was happening nearby with different people from the opposite side of the globe. I always got new and interesting pictures in different areas.

Also, I always got funny comments on my moments. I began to be optimistic and confident. I began to like discussing issues with different people from different areas. I began to want to express my mind in front of people.

Meet Me

On July 21st, 2015, I got a message which sent by Jack. Coincidentally, both of us were in New Jersey. He said that he had noticed me for a long time, and he called me his sunshine girl.

Wow, I hadn’t ever met a white boy holding such kindness for me. Then we talked about our habits,favorite movies,books and about all aspects of our lives. We became acquaintances. One day, Jack ask me: “may we meet each other”, I was scared, and I thought every beautiful moments will be broken in reality. So I refused.

I thought he would not to talk with me anymore. However, at 21 o’clock which is the same time we chatted with each other, he talked with me on InterracialDatingToday. Three days later, I got a call which said I have a package downstairs. I was so confused because I hadn’t buy anything.

I was so surprised when I see a man stood here holding a bunch of flowers. He is Jack. I didn’t remember how I came close to him. When my mind came back to my head, he got down on one knee to ask me to be his girlfriend. He didn’t care about other White people’s eyesight. I thought I was crazy because I agreed.

Fortunately, he is the person as same as he showing on the internet. He is optimistic and tolerant. Most importantly, He Didn’t See My Color. He Just Saw Me. In his eyes, I felt equal and request. As time wore on, we were deeply attracted by each other. Facts proved that he is Mr. Right.

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