Interracial Dating Profile Tips – 3 Photos Every Profile Must Have

The photos on a interracial dating profile are just as telling as the profile itself. Many people won’t even read through a profile if they aren’t into the pictures, so it’s imperative that the pics are shot well and placed in the right order. Let them be the perfect representation of who you are as a person and it will attract the person (who could be) perfect for you.


Interracial Dating ProfileYou might need a new headshot for your interracial dating profiles. Are you using a photo from 10 years ago, something cropped from a picture of you and your ex? Do you have one at all? You could be losing out on career opportunities.’s own research shows that dating profiles with photos are reviewed seven times more often than those without pictures.

The headshot is the most important picture on your dating profile. Similar to meeting someone in real life, this is the first impression a person has to make on potential mates. The picture needs to be clear, focused and of high quality. It’s also been proven that people are more likely to be attracted to someone smiling in a picture than not, so if you can add that element it will significantly increase the chances of the rest of the profile getting checked out.

Full Body

Interracial Dating ProfileThere is nothing worse than meeting someone off of the internet who looks nothing like their profile pictures. I have heard countless tales of this exact thing happening (and have experienced it myself a few times). Being specific about angles so as to hide a part of who you are is actually a form of deception and it reveals that you lack confidence and security with who you are. The full-body picture is vital to successfully meeting someone off of the internet. Just like you want to know what they look like, so to, do they.


Interracial Dating ProfileShow what you’re really into here. Do you do yoga? Climb mountains? Sit on beaches drinking daiquiris while reading Tom Robbins? …

Yeah, me too. This last photo is the exclamation at the end of the sentence. It will get the other person to think something like: “This person is cute, really cute, and funny! I am already in love.” It’s the final thought and also gives the person a conversation starter.

Perfecting your interracial online dating profile pictures is a great start on the road to having the best interracial online dating profile you can have—which of course, will help immensely in regards to meeting just the type of person you desire.

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