Enjoy the current happiness, goodbye all pass lover

What feeling is love a person secretly? I was Exciting whenever I see him or think about him. Secret love is an emotion, and it can be extremely difficult to accurately transcribe your emotions into a meaningful set of words. I did enjoy the experience of love a boy secretly. enjoy secret love

She has a crush on a boy in our class.

I had a crush on a boy, when I was in high school. I love his sunshine smile, it imparts happiness, hope, and optimism. He was not tall, and has a bad temper. Friends asked me: ” Why do you like him?” I Do not know why, all of a sudden I would love him.

I looked forward to see him every day. I’d be thrilled if he spoke to me. Most people know that I secret-love him, but only he did not know it. So, we called him a nickname “wood”.

“Wood” is really dumb very much, He often made me cry

That time, because of the group cooperative learning can increase students’ interest in writing, develop students’ good writing habits, and enhance students’ awareness of co-operation. So, all of the classmates were divided into groups.

There’s coincident about how we ended up in the same group, that made me happy for a long time. I hope to be in touch with him as many as possible. So, I went to consult him with some questions, but He gave me a despising glance did not say anything more! I was stunned and speechless, I do not know what to do, my heart bleeding. And I I felt something wet my cheek – my tears.

enjoy the time“He is not the right man for me” said my friends. I know because of him bad temper. But, knowing so I still like him enough, I still vividly remember the day that I get caught up in him smile.

Seeing the happy smile on him face, Suddenly I feel warm and happy.

It was the first day of school , he ran for the representative of the chemistry class. And He sat in the front row in class, the teacher asked him to turned to us and say hello. Seeing the happy smile on him face, Suddenly I feel warm and happy. I sometimes wonder why he didn’t have a a soft heart. Here was my final answer: I wasn’t the girl who he wanted to treat with him soft heart.

He has never liked me, it was a real pity! But, I don’t regret the time I spent on him ever.” On Christmas Eve, I secretly put an apple in him drawer, but he didn’t eat it. I also secretly put an new apple, when the first one closed to rotten. He did not bring ruler on the exam, I lent him my only ruler and told him” I still have another one”. At last, I used my meal card to draw.

And then, I want to speak with him, so I asked him where was my rule? He said: “lost”, then gave me another one. I treated it so carefully, like a treasure, and called it a name “ souvenir”.

Enjoy the present happiness

At that time of our were very pure and innocent. Time brought away my youth, we experience successive tests so that we become mature and stable. There was not have that kind of palpitate. If I meet him again, I will be say hello to him like old classmates. Because of that person in your heart, have completely become the past, fengdanyunqi, gone. True happiness is to enjoy the present.

Now it’s much more love myself and my current partner.  His name is Roger who I can give my all to him. We knew we’d be happy when we met on Interracial Dating Today more than three years ago, but the reality is better than our dreams.

enjoy present interracial relationship

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