Love is the only way to live life completely

get together in the futureDo you have said to a good buddy: “Years later, if I did not marry, if you have not married, we can be together”. Maybe you said not only for one person, just to give yourself a comfort. At that time, I will get married, just we have no love. If you good buddy agree with you after you said, maybe it is just a joke or gives himself leave a way out. After all, dating the acquaintance is more far less cost than dating others.

How dare you love me?

You are beautiful, but none treated you as someone to court. So, you said to a single
you: “you can pursue me, if you can touch my heart, I’ll come with you”
The man: “Really?”.
You: “you pursue me, but do you really like me?”
The man: “I don’t know what is the feeling of like a girl now, and I am afraid of losing the ability of love one” ( He is an honest man)

At last, you know the fact that the man dislike you. Even if the man really pursue you, that is because he already don’t care who is him partner.

dislikeMy view is that the man is not lose the ability of like other people, but he haven’t meet him right person. There are so many people never really loved a person in the world. We are really hard to loving other people.

Life is different from TV plays. Not only loving is a romance matter, but it is also bread and milk in our lives. The romance of love is easy to been broken by many hassles of life. We like the romantic drama of the TV plays or film, but with the constant stresses life places on us, there are much more people living in their own circle.

Gradually, we will say that word “I do not want anyone to influence my this life, I feel very good one, do not want to love slave to love.

But, after all, we all want to be loved

Why we start become the one that dare not to pay for love? Because, we are afraid getting hurt! In the love world, there are person said “If you’re serious, you will fail”. In fact, I would like to do the loser, the loser stands of courage. Venus life in the pursuit of love, she and Adonis becomes the eternal love between the peak of poetic perfection.


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