Best first interracial date ideas for you – Say Goodbye to Boring Dates

You’ve heard it before: First impressions are powerful. First date is important, so dress to impress. It is better to be too smart than too casual. There are 10 best first interracial date ideas for you. Once you master these skills, you’ll save yourself significant amounts of time. Choose wisely, play your cards right and show up on time, and you could be guaranteeing yourself not only a great time with your date, but also (potentially) a lot of future dates.

Drinks in A Bar

drinks-in-a-bar-first interracial date ideas

Drinks at a bar are a super simple way to warm up and get to know someone new. For a start, there’s alcohol around, which is a good way to reduce those first date nerves. There’s also usually mood lighting and the bustling atmosphere of other people chatting to each other, so the scene is already well set.
This is your lowest-stakes option, so feel free to use it when you are short on inspiration and want to keep things simple, but not when you’re trying to impress the pants off anyone, so to speak.


coffee-first interracial date ideas

Coffee is another low-risk, low-stakes option. The main problem with a coffee date is that it’s not very romantic, or even especially date-like: meeting for a coffee is an activity so innocuous that you can do it with friends, co-workers and distant family members alike, so the trick here will be making it clear that you are on date. You will be able to achieve this through the conversation, but it also pays to pick an upscale coffee shop rather than a franchise like Starbucks, and if you’re enjoying her company, you could invite her for a walk to the nearest ice-cream shop to prolong your time together and indicate that you’re interested.


play-bowling- first interracial date ideas

Bowling is a good balance between a novel date idea and one that isn’t too difficult to pull off. It’s fun, kinda silly and provides opportunity for physical contact (“Here, let me help you!”) and laughing at each others form. If you’re both keen though, and you get the organization down pat, you’re in for a fun evening: purchase some snacks and drinks and sit back and enjoy watching your date hurl balls down an alley!


dinner - first interracial date ideas

It’s unfussy enough that it won’t overwhelm her (assuming you choose the right venue), but it also demonstrates a higher level of commitment to the date than drinks at a bar or coffee. Dinner dates require more of a time commitment than more casual drinks-based dates, and it will be pricier, too, but it’s a fairly fail-safe option and relatively easy to pull off, so we’d suggest starting here as a base point.

Theme Park or Carnival

theme-park-or-carnival-first interracial date ideas

Fairs, festivals, and amusement parks are a notch above a dinner or bowling date in terms of intensity, but they’re an enjoyable date to pull off once you decide to go for it. The main increase in difficulty level is due to the increased time commitment and difficulty of bailing early: If you’ve committed to a theme park or carnival, you can’t exactly leave after an hour if the chemistry isn’t as strong as you’d hoped. In fact, you’re probably looking at around half a day.

Otherwise, though, this date idea pretty much takes care of itself: You show up, buy the tickets and stroll around the various stands and rides, with a few stops in between for food and drink. Even if you don’t think your date is the woman of your dreams, it’s still a good excuse to let out your inner kid and have a silly, fun time.

Picnic – First Interracial Date Ideas

picnic - first interracial date ideas

You’ll need to prep the food ahead of time and this may involve some cooking (or, at least, the putting together of some sandwich ingredients) and you’ll need to make sure you’ve chosen a fine day for your date, too. This is also a date idea where your conversation skills are going to need to be on point, because unlike with bowling or a theme park, there’s nothing else to provide the entertainment for you, short of the occasional bit of people (and pet) watching.

However, a picnic, if done well, is about the most idyllic first date possible. So if you can coordinate all the moving parts and pull this one off, you’re going to impress her. Full points for originality, organization and vibe-setting!

Museum or Art Gallery

museum-or-gallery -first interracial date ideas

A date at a museum or art gallery is bound to score you “culture vulture” points, but you have to do some research for this one, which brings it up the difficulty ladder. You’ll need to look into which exhibitions are worth visiting and, if you want to be really impressive, potentially read up a little bit about the artist or curator, too.

Having said that, there’s no need to over think this one too much. So long as you’ve done a bit of groundwork and chosen an exhibition that looks interesting or is getting good reviews, it should be a fairly smooth date to pull off.

Cooking Class

Interracial Couple In The Kitchen - first interracial date ideas

Another notch up the difficulty ladder is the cooking class first date, which requires a new level of organization and time commitment. Firstly, you’ll need to find a class in your area that’s pitched at the right level for both of you, and you’ll also need to clear up any allergies or dietary requirements your date has at the outset. And, again, this is one that you won’t be able to bail out of if the date isn’t going as well as you expected, so there’s a high level of commitment here too.


Couples dancing at party -first interracial date ideas

Dancing of any kind is laborious for those among us who lack coordination and rhythm, but dancing with your date is a great way to kick things off on a physical note right from the beginning. There’s a saying that “dancing is like sex standing up,” and that’s a pretty hot note to start the date on, so even if you’re not a natural on the dance floor, it’s worth giving lessons a go.

Skydiving – First Interracial Date Ideas

skydiving - first interracial date ideas

For the highest difficulty level of first date, you could take your date bungee jumping, white water rafting or even skydiving. These are obviously next-level date ideas that will get you 100% on the originality score, but it’s likely to overwhelm all but the most spontaneous and adventurous of women, so make sure you know your date is that type of person first.

With the 10 best first date ideas, you should have no trouble enjoying a great date. Most of all, there is a willingness to risk yourself in the relationship, to be real, to be honest. OK, that’s all. I’m here to wish very single to find sweetheart early on Interracial dating sites.

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